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Nina Vidal

With over 20 Top 10 singles internationally and four #1 albums in Japan alone, Nina Vidal is being hailed as a modern day chanteuse. but like so many great artist before her she's first found an appreciative and loyal audience outside of her home country, the US. With the release of her beautiful new album "Silver Lining" later this year, she's about to change all that.

As a vocalist Nina has been described as the "Anti-screamer", a reference to many of today's modern vocalist who use bombast and vocal tricks to almost batter their audience in to submission. Nina's, whether singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French, has a voice that is direct, honest and pure. With her rich tone and subtle phrasing she breathes life in to a song without the need for vocal gimmickry.

A terrific songwriter and pianist Nina is truly the definition of an international artist having received accolades from around the world. UrbanTymes of the US wrote, "[Nina's] an enduring and eccentric vocalist that has changed the style of Jazz, Classic, Neo Soul, and Blues as we know it by synthesizing the four genres and creating her own fiery sound. While Finland's The Soul Express said "An instant classic with lyrics as elegant as the overall atmosphere. A timeless masterpiece!" And China's Music Douban paper noted "With her elegant & gentle voice I was deeply affected with layer after layer of goose bumps around my neck".

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