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Showtime: 12:30AM
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The Electric Ladyland Project feat. Sheryl Bailey & Vic Juris
Sheryl Bailey, guitar
Vic Juris, guitar
Lincoln Goines, bass
Tommy Campbell, drums

Todayís progressive players are still exploring the protean aspects of Jimi Hendrix's music, and two of our most inventive jazz guitarists, Sheryl Bailey and Vic Juris are exploring a Hendrix inventory thatís exciting rock and jazz fans alike.

Sheryl said, ďWhen I look out in the audience I see rockers who are into Hendrix, but then there are jazz people who are there because of the players in the band, and everybody is happy! It reaches out to a diversity of people. Sometime I get nervous that a lot of die-hard Hendrix fans are going to feel like thereís something sacred being violated, but the rockers really dig it because weíre doing this is such an open way. To me, thatís what I got from Jimi. He was always reaching and searching. With Hendrix material thereís so much melody and so much harmony that you really have something to work with, itís not such a big stretch of the imagination.Ē

True enough. Here we have the traditional big city jazz combo turning in a smoldering portrayal of Jimiís classics. Itís a forum for scalding solos from Sheryl and stunning virtuosity from Vic Juris.

Sheryl can allay any reservations about offending Hendrix purists because the groupsí appreciation of the music is conspicuous. In fact, theyíre disclosing a direction Jimi could have easily taken. After all, hip is as hip does and spontaneous creation, which defines Jimi, is requisite of jazz and this band without question is a rewarding result of a convergence of artistic and cultural coordinates.

This is a refreshingly edgy, yet truly accessible offering for anyone whoís interested in whatís happening now. Sheryl Bailey and Vic Juris, two of our hippest and most innovative players are reiterating Jimiís legacy because their playing is modern: itís au courant. And the listener doesnít have to intellectualize, surmise or theorize, just enjoy this great musical artistry of the Electric Ladyland Project.


Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012

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